2018/2019 Donations
In Memory of...

Amy Fisher, from Robert Krane

Ann Keenan, from Bob & Carol Gebhardt & family

Armond, from Donald & Gineen Weiss

Bootse, from Delia De Blass

Brian Oates, from Christine Oates

Callie, Steve's cat, from Renee Bandazian

Calvin the cat, from Susan Mruk and Fran Urban

Chester Bevilacqua, from Randi & Jim Turner

Cleo, from Carie Broecker

Dan Englishman, from Victoria Englishman

David Marsino, from Gail Bianco and Gerrie Oliver

Dorothy Steele, from Julie Hamilton Grant

Doug Bookstaver, from Mimi Bookstaver

Ernest Maylahn, from Sue Cooper & Kevin Mahla, Deborah Devries, Steven Fornasieri, Lori McCue, LuAnn McKee, Gail Rosewater & Barbara Krzak, Joan & Walter Steinel

Eugenia Korinko, from Judy Machacek

Foxy, from Charlie & Barbara Gorga

Frances Wertham, from Gail Sutton

Fred Goldstein, from Richard Fischer

Gene Korinko, from Judy Machacek

Helena Mueller, from Bunny Daubner, Susan Kirchheim, and Frances Urban

Irene Seckler, from Fran Urban and Veronica Lalomia

Jessie "Little Girl", from Meryl Longval and Dale Kindregan

Josephine Daniels, from Marlene Rafner

Judah, from Gene & Jack Huber

Kathryn Genco, from Marlene Rafner

Kumiko, from Jane Coleman

Leslie Mooney, from Sondra Teichman

Louise Tagliarone, from Rosemary Mills-Russell and 

Tami & Karl Goodman

Maggie Clark, from Diana Macerone

Magic, from Ronald & Rose Bandstra

Marie D'Alessio, from Marie Risco Inc

Mary Ann Clark, from Aileen Anderson and Howard Tuers

Mary Kerrisk, from Jessica Berg

Matty, from Frances K Cohn

Mom, from Deborah Blackman

Patricia Anne Pollio-Searfoss, from The Coppola family

Raleigh the dog, from Marlene Rafner

Ramona Soltero, from Ruth & Jim Tucker

Ricky, from Marlene Rafner

Rusty, Bambi, Kiko, Dolly, from Irma Butti

Sandra Smith, from Johanna Pettrizzie and Carol Lee Shelly

Sandy, from Mildred Hopmayer

Scooby Waas, from Noreen Hauck

Senta, from Kathleen Flaherty

Sparky, from Cathy Stein

Susan Cerelli, from Robert McDonnell

Tinkerbell, from Marlene Rafner

William the Beagle, from Frances Kohn

In Honor of...

Amy Fischer, from the Dumont Community 5K

Bruno, from Edyta Krzywicki

Danielle & John, from Alison Josephs

Gail Sutton, from Joan Werthman

Gavin Berkowitz, from Allison Berkowitz

Hasmig Kopooshian, from the Michael Robertson Foundation

Jill Krapels, from Sandy Ardila

Pat Taylor, from Lucky Cat Rescue

Pele, QTip, & Mittens, from Carol Hong

Ralph & Sue Prince, from Evelynne Dean and Marjorie Dzerk

Scott Peterson, from Lois Daulton, Toni Gallipoli, Barbara Peterson, and Frank Wendling

Selene, from Kathleen Flaherty

Trevor Ostfeld, from Madeline Schmuckler

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